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Koska olin niin ovela

Niin, väsäsin tämmöisen pienen tarinan sen kunniaksi, että saavuin kotia lomalle kenenkään sitä tietämättä. Juoniminen on hauskaa, tosin uuvuttavaa. Toivottavasti tästä irtoaa ilo.

It all began when Tom’s secred got out...yes...his boobies leaked and it was revealed that He was the actual mother of Suri!

Well!! What did you expect? We were talking about Tom-dudlydoo-Cruise!

After hearing this Katie of course, laughed, laughed, tried to look serious and then got a divorce.

Now what was poor Tom to do? All alone in the world with leaking boobies(he didn’t know how to make them stop)and a hungry baby to feed!

If you can’t milk them...just get a hot man to do it...preferably after a good long shower.

And make sure the nipples are peaked so you won’t loose any good milk-restoring time for preparing.

Life was good for Tom after he got the solution for his boobie problem. He eventually decided that he would forget women for a while like his good friend John had done and concentrate into more important things like:

Making sure to understand how men fit together in an artly form.

How men used to wrestle...good old days!

How to become a really good gymnastic.

And most importantly

How to grow a hairy chest just like this!
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